Lessons from my Daddy

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Lessons from my Daddy

When I was thinking what to write, I thought I would tell you about daddy’s teaching. He was a wonderful teacher, preacher and Bible student, as well as an excellent daddy.

I remember anytime we would be in the car far a long time, he would bring along the tape player and have the tapes of Psalms and Proverbs playing so that we kids could learn what to do to please our God. Teaching while travelling; what a wonderful idea!

Daddy’s favorite verse is: “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” We all should repeat this every day. My parents taught me to always put God first. Daddy would teach us many things about being a good Christian and about living a life that would show God’s way is best.

All of the lessons that he taught and all of the books that he wrote were great, but my favorites were Quest and a study of Revelations. His way of studying, writing and teaching was very diligent because he had a real thirst for the truth. He would look for the depth of meaning in each word of each verse. It was always a joy to see his pleasure in finding real harmony throughout the scriptures.

Later in years my daddy would suffer much with cancer, but he never lost the faith. He went through medical tests and treatments that he never imagined before. In many ways, the disease was slowly cutting him off from the world around him. Through it all, he taught us that we should: 1) always put God first, 2) know God’s ways are best, 3) keep the faith even when life gets really tough, and 4) never complain.

Daddy was my hero and he will always be. He will always have a place in my heart and he will never be forgotten.

~ by Sharon Mays Whitehead